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Interview – Remedy Games & Death Rally

As an addon to this months Death Rally Retrospective 1UPGamers spoke to Markus Mäki one of the founders of Remedy Entertainment and a key player in the development and production of the game.

Retrospective – A Look Back At Death Rally

It was 1996 when I first heard of Death Rally a game developed by Remedy Games a then smallish development studio based out of Espoo, Finland. The distributor was Apogee, a heavy weight publisher of its time and one that was an expert at using the shareware model of game distribution.

Game Soundtracks to be Remembered

A good video game has music that fits the style and atmosphere of the story. You may not necessarily be able to hum any of the tunes, but it certainly didn’t disrupt your playing. On the other hand, we’ve all played games where the music is so obnoxious you can think of nothing but getting the setting to change in hopes…

2 Reasons to Play the Dreamcast Again

I love my Dreamcast. It’s my favorite console from Sega and probably one of my favorite platforms period. I still play it quite often and I’ve noticed a sort of revival towards the beloved system, people wanting to get their hands on one again and either reminiscing about games they used to play…

BreakQuest PSP Mini Review

When I was first asked to review BreakQuest, I was expecting to play yet another Atari BreakOut or a Taito Arkanoid clone. You see, I haven’t played any of the recent clones, so I was a little out of touch with just how much the genre has moved on and evolved since the last time I played. So, imagine my surprise when I first played BreakQuest.